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Socks anyone?

I work at a hospital. When you are admitted to the hospital you usually get a pair of socks. This woman came into the hospital today to dispute the charge for the socks.. Mind you they had been worn. Washed? I can't answer that one. She comes into the office. She threw them on the desk and said "Here are your socks back. I am not paying $8 for those socks!" Takes off her shoe and throws her foot on the desk "I paid $5 for these socks and they don't get holes in them. I am not paying for those socks" Gross... She leaves still having to pay for her socks. She left the socks on the desk. We looked inside the bag and there was more than the socks... There were unknown objects and what appeared to be old used bandaids. SICK!! please take the socks next time....
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