jenn (pencilvania) wrote in wierdospotting,

im a wierdo spotter, toooooo

hey, im jenn, im from los angeles, just joined this community. im completely intrigued by other people and the strange things they do, and i'm constantly just sitting on a bench watching every one else go by, and wondering insanely about their lives and who they are and what they're like and listening to bits of their conversations and drawing sketches of em. it's awesome that there's a community of people who share the same hobby as i do! my best friend and i do it all the time, we have quite the imaginations and even have nicknames and entire scenarios with people in them that we've never even met, only watched from a distance. we're always amazed at the similarites between us and enid and rebecca in ghost world. when i share this hobby with other friends though, they don't seem to get it and just kinda look at me wierd for looking at other people. but its not like stalker-ish or anything shady like that, just kinda a fascination. anyway, can't wait to start postin on all the wierdos i encounter....

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