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OK, I’m a relatively new member and have never posted here before; I simply enjoy reading peoples’ stories. So perhaps I’m not the best person to be pushy and voice my thoughts on how this page should be run, but I was under the impression (from reading the moderator’s About) that this place was for relating stories about strange people, not for making a spectacle of yourself.

This place is for coherent stories about a sub-discipline of people watching, one dealing the strange and eccentric people one sees and deals with in life. Some people have chosen to write about themselves instead, asking for birthday gifts or writing incoherent drivel. Surely there are other groups that enjoy strange babblings, please go there! Leave this as a place where people can write and read true-life accounts. My accusatory finger is pointed squarely at you, ouzel and hobo_man.

P.S. to hobo_man, if you expect anyone to buy this whole broken English thing for five seconds, you’d best delete the oh-so-eloquent bio on your user info page.

P.P.S. I’m not normally a mean guy, I simply enjoy people watching and abnormal psychology.
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